May 7, 2003 11:45pm
Well I got all the blog configuration stuff working and updating so I am releasing a 0.1c release. The only think lacking from the administrative interface now is post deletion (and comment management). Everything else configuration and post related is working now. Keep checking the development tasks at to see how my progress is goin ;)
May 6, 2003 12:20pm
I found out what was happening to the post templates. When I output the contents of the post template (which contains IT variables wrapped in curly braces), I think that PHP tried to evaluate the contents of the variable (PHP evaluates stuff within curly braces). This causes the variables to disappear and then when you update the config they're gone for real ;)

The current solution is to replace curly braces with '(%' and ')%' before dumping it into the textarea and then converting them back to curly braces before putting the data back into the DB. Users for now will have to use variables like

until I can figure out how to get PHP to not evaluate my stuff within curly braces!
May 5, 2003 12:00pm
Configuration editing is now occuring within the administration app, however, somewhere along the line a change is taking place to the post templates which make IntegratedTemplate puke and not show any of the posts. This will most likely be working by tonight ;)
May 4, 2003 5:27am
I was able to check two items off my list today :) Post previewing definately works now and the submit buttons now apply to what you're doing. For example when you're drafting a new post the submit button says 'add post' and when you're editing a post the submit button will read 'update post'. This was also applied to the preview form.
May 2, 2003 2:36am
I released Clogger 0.1b. It supports post editing, previewing, and adding. Please keep in mind that this is still no where near what I would consider a viable app. It has a ton of bugs and is ugly as hell :) Feel free to check it out though.
May 1, 2003 10:11pm
I've come to the point in this project where I need a solid plan. A direction, a well-defined list of tasks that I would like to accomplish. This task list should be in order of thing that need to be done immediately down to the smallest feature. As of right now I have a few classes set up to provide minimal functionality such as viewing a blog, seeing limited statistics, editing existing posts, and creating new posts. Within that I have provided a means of previewing a "just edited" post. Less intrustive classes provide authentication functionality and utility functions to make writing the software easier for me. First and foremost I would like to refine the stuff I already have done. Make sure it all works as it should (for the most part I believe it does) and then move on to adding additional features.

I have split up the things I would like to implement into a few categories such as Administrative console development (the bulk of what I've been doing lately), the display system, plugin support, and features.

This list of tasks can be seen here: Development Tasks

April 30, 2003 12:58am
Post adding works now, definately look forward a 0.1b package later this week once dead week/finals die down. I am almost done with the basic admin interface backend ...then I start adding cool stuff, features and polishing the system up.
April 30, 2003 12:02am
Wow! I got 3 downloads of my ALPHA release ;) This really blows my mind. Development has been slow the past few days due to school (this is the week before finals and all the homework, projects, and labs are coming to a close. Next week is finals so I hope to be working a lot more on what I've got and I hope to release a 0.1b later this week (editing actually works now).

I've gotten tons of hits and this is getting really exciting, I just hope I can live up to my expectations. As always, please contact me with any support, questions, or comments!


April 27, 2003 10:38pm
What are my goals for this project?
  1. Clean, Readable Source Code
  2. Easy to Read Documentation. I want anyone who is mildly proficient and acquianted with OOP to be able to extend the project
  3. Seperation of Logic and Presentation to the extent where it makes coding easy, but not to the extent that it makes maintaining the project a burden. I hope to make extensive use of the PEAR's IntegratedTemplate classes (I already am! :))
  4. The ability for the project to function of differing levels for users with differing experience levels. I want users who "just want to start a blog" to be able to do so with a minimum of hassle and I want experienced "power users" to be able to dig into the templates, code, and CSS to produce an experience wholly their own.
  5. I want a project that generates content dynamically. That is, not in the manner of moveabletype which requires the creation of files and permission to access the filesystem. Some users simply do not have the ability or the luxury of suexec, suid'ing scripts, or setting permissions wide-open.
  6. I want to learn :) I am obviously not doing everything in this project perfectly. I want to be able to use this project to learn new things, apply them, and make myself a better person
  7. I want to suppory all the cool features of popular CMS's. Pinging, Comments, Plugins, Scriptability, XML-RPC support, RSS output, Creative Commons, et cetera.
  8. I want the system to be as available as possible. PHP is available for nearly every platform. I take advantage of the PEAR DB abstraction layer, therefore in theory my system will work on every DB it supports. That includes:
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • InterBase
    • Mini SQL
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle 7/8/8i
    • ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
    • SyBase
    • Informix
    • FrontBase
    All with but a single line changed in the config file :)
  9. I want the default output to be valid XHTML, CSS, RSS.
  10. This project is open source, BSD License to be exact. Anyone can take the source and do whatever they want with it and all I ask is for attribution.
That's all I can really come up with right now ;) I'm always thinking of new stuff! Hope this helps me clarify to myself what I am doing here.
April 27, 2003 1:12pm
Not much to see right now. I've released an ALPHA version of the software to give people an idea of what might be to come. I should really stress that this software doesn't do much of anything right now and is in a very fluid state. Download it and poke around and check out how I'm building the interfaces and such, I'd love to hear feedback and comments from people!.

My goal here is to build a very easy to use and non-intrusive CMS. I use moveabletype for my own blog and I love it, however, I've run into cases where creating static files can be problematic and the security issues the the application exposed (in non-suexec environments) is sometimes unacceptable. I've also checked out Serendipity and Textpattern and I don't like how either have built their code base (its a personal preference really) and I didn't really like how some things were implemented. So I've decided to write Clogger! :D I really hope this to be a successful idea and I hope it helps a lot of people out :)


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